Virginia Republicans Face the Largest Number of Contested Elections in Over a Decade

This November, 85 percent of Republican-controlled Virginia House of Delegates districts will host contested races. Fifty-six of the 66 GOP-held areas have a challenger running in them now the most collective opposition the party has faced in more than a decade.

The state department of elections recently released a certified list of candidates for the House and, of the 100 races statewide, 67 will have more than one candidate. That’s the most since the 69 contested elections of 2009, according to the Virginia Public Access Project, which analyzed the list. In 2009, there were 32 contested races in Republican-held areas and 36 in Democratic ones.

While the uptick in candidates for districts led by the state’s majority party has been significant, the swell is contrasted on the other side of the aisle. Just 11 of the 34 Democratic-controlled areas will hold contested elections.

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Rapper Noah-O Represents on “Sway in the Morning”

Well-known Richmond hip-hop artist, Noah-O, was interviewed on the legendary hip-hop radio show, “Sway in the Morning,” in New York on Friday.

The rapper turned heads in the studio performing a track from his new album produced by DJ Mentos, “The Rain,” which is available here. We have links to the Sway studio videos below and asked Noah-O a few questions about the experience.

Style: How did this come about?

Noah-O: Last March, Cheats [Marc Cheatham] invited me to go to VCU to attend a film screening put on by Afrikana Film Festival that Sway executive produced regarding police brutality. And it was around the time many killings were in the news.

I wasn’t going to tell him I was an artist due to the situation being a community event and not to come off as opportunistic. I just wanted to meet Sway and tell him I grew up hearing him as a local DJ in San Francisco and take a pic. We talked and I invited him to Plush to have dinner since he would be in town. Once we went to Plush, we ate and hung out, and after a while Sway wanted to go to the nightclub section of the building and see the people.

A lot of people noticed him and us together and took pics and he eventually realized I was a music artist from there. He invited me on the show. That was over a year ago but I kept in contact with his producer. They found out I would be in town for our Trust The Vibes East Coast Tour last Thursday and invited me on as a guest Friday a.m.

What was the experience in the studio like?

It was surreal being there, as we had communicated so long ago. I had begun to think it would never happen. When he came out to meet us in the lobby the first thing he said was, “You thought I forgot about you, huh?”

It is refreshing to see there are people in the industry who keep their word and not only that he and his team care about hip-hop culture, the issues affecting the community and people. Not only that, but to think I was rhyming in a place that Eminem owns and so many famous and talented people have been in is a blessing, life-changing opportunity.

Did Sway give you any advice?

Keep killing it.

Have you seen a bump or renewed interest in the album?

There is definitely an increase in the awareness of who I am globally. A lot of Asians and Filipinos, people from Virginia everywhere and industry people are getting hip to me, new doors are opening.

What do you have coming up locally?

I have shows coming up in DC, Northern Virginia and Philly for our Trust The Vibes Tour and this fall I’m going to be touring Europe with a German artist, ¬•EN, and I’ll be joining Versace ChaChi for a few dates there as well.

Massive 3,400-Pound Great White Shark Passes Mouth of Chesapeake Bay

The world’s biggest celebrity shark is heading home.

Mary Lee, a huge great white shark tagged by five years ago off Cape Cod, passed by the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay this morning.

The shark with more than 100,000 Twitter followers sent a ping to the Ocearch satellite at 4:56 Friday morning. She was approximately 300 miles off the coast.


Tributes to the Fallen Heroes of the Bowling Green Massacre

A few days ago, Kellyanne Conway noted that the media had failed to report the Bowling Green Massacre. Almost immediately, sharp observers pointed out that there was no Bowling Green Massacre. Conway said she made a mistake.

Too late. Creative people are writing and singing tributes to the heroes of Bowling Green.

Here is one, and another, and another.

Best of all is this sign, a tribute to the victims.

We will have to look for laughs wherever we can find them. Americans are creative people!