Wisconsin week in review

Here’s a quickie rundown and review of recent Wisconsin political stories. WONDER BOY FAILS WONDERFULLY On Monday at 5PM Walker dropped out of the race. Well, technically he “suspended his campaign”. This LA Times cartoon sums it up for us. And this cartoon by Phil Hands sums up the average Wisconsinite’s response: Tomorrow's @WiStateJournal cartoon more »


Scott Walker plans a not so “unintimidated” public appearance in Beaver Dam today

Update: I have confirmation from Madison radio journalist Michael Crute that Scott Walker will be at the site at Noon today. I had this information 1 hour and 45 minutes in advance of the so-called “public event”. Site: Apache Stainless, 200 Industrial Dr, Beaver Dam, WI Google Map Street view Just to record what goes more »

Video: “Walker’s critics celebrate, supporters reminisce …”

Despite having no more than a few hours notice of the 5PM press conference announcing Walker’s drop out from the presidential campaign, protesting Wisconsinites were ready, able, and willing to serenade Wisconsin’s delusional governor. This TMJ4 footage includes just a SNIPPET of protest singing. This brief broadcast also includes snippets from Wisconsinites who do not more »

VCU Alum Art-Directing New “Peanuts” Movie

The last few days, a lot of people are engaging in a promotional campaign online that allows them to create a rough “Peanuts” version of themselves. You see them all over Facebook.

In the spirit of “Peanut” mania, I made one that doesn’t look at all like me (but at least I got to listen to Vince Guaraldi’s toe-tapping jazz numbers while I did it). Nothing says fall for a certain generation like tunes such as the “Great Pumpkin Waltz.”

What you may not know about the highly anticipated “The Peanuts Movie” which opens Nov. 6, is that a Virginia Commonwealth University alum, Nash Dunnigan, was the art director. Dunnigan has worked on projects including “Ice Age: The Meltdown,” “Rio” and “Robots.”

Here he is talking about the upcoming movie with a guy (right) who probably never would be wearing that shirt if he wasn’t making bank.

The trailer for the new “Peanuts” is out, also. Here it is. Will today’s kids go for it? One thing is for sure, we know many of their parents will — oh, and while the new movie looks great, the music sucks compared to the original.

Gawker seeks details on “a very bad story” connected with Scott Walker

It seems that both Republican communications operative Liz Mair and a writer with Buzzfeed are hinting about either the same scandalous story or differing stories that is/are related to Scott Walker – but neither is releasing the details to the public. Frustrating. Gawker is asking readers to help spill the beans completely. Gawker is providing more »

Scott Walker dropping out of campaign, 5PM Central Time, Edgewater Hotel, Madison

Wow. I expected him to hang in another month and a half! News Conference: 5PM Central Time Edgewater Hotel Madison, Wisconsin More details here. You just finished reading Scott Walker dropping out of campaign, 5PM Central Time, Edgewater Hotel, Madison! Consider leaving a comment!Visit bluecheddar.net for more news and opinion. You can contact blue cheddar more »

Bernie Sanders appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Would you believe this was the first time I tuned into Colbert’s new show on CBS? Enjoy. Colbert cracking jokes on the presidential election [backup link]: The Interview [backup link]: Date of appearance: 09/18/2015 You just finished reading Bernie Sanders appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert! Consider leaving a comment!Visit bluecheddar.net for more more »