Beer 101: The Perfect Pour

For amateur bartenders and Kegerator owners, a professional pour will make all the difference. As bartender Courtney McKenna ran back and forth behind the long bar at Legend Brewing Co. pulling two pints at once and stacking glasses under the taps to remember orders, she took a moment to pass on a little advice and demonstrate how to pour beer properly. Bottled beer can benefit, too — putting it in a glass releases the beer’s aromatics.

1. Start with a clean glass.

2. Open the tap for a moment and let the foam that’s leftover from the last beer drain away.

3. With the tap still running, place the glass under the stream at a 45-degree angle.

4. Make sure the glass doesn’t touch the tap. Bacteria can collect and multiply.

5. When the glass is nearly full, pull it down and let a little of the foam float to the top, creating a 1-inch head.*

*For bottled beer, pour the beer down the side of a glass tilted at a 45-degree angle and about halfway through, straighten the glass and start pouring in the middle to create a foamy head.

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