Peter Greene: Why Is Arizona Proud to Be Last in the Nation on Everything But School Choice?

Peter Greene reports here on the doleful state of public education in Arizona, which has been underfunded for years. It is very likely the lowest funded state school system in the nation. Teacher salaries may be the lowest in the nation. There have been no raises for teachers since 2008. Teachers are leaving for other states, and the state faces a major teacher shortage. Average per-pupil spending, he writes is $3,400.

He summarizes:

Low pay, poor workplace resources, no job security, difficult work conditions, and no respect from state leaders. How could Arizona possibly have a teacher shortage?

Not to worry, Arizonans! The reformsters at the Center for Education Reform have recognized Arizona as a national leader in the school choice movement! Lots of A grades for its bold support of free-market charters, which proliferate like bunnies and are free to act without state interference or supervision and without pesky regulations barring nepotism and conflicts of interest.

Is Arizona the future of American education? Perish the thought!


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