Aldi Grand Opening April 23rd

Aldi, the popular low-priced grocery store, is finally opening their first stores in Richmond and Colonial Heights, VA!

Addresses: 1776 North Parham Road in Henrico, VA (Corner of Parham and Starling Drive next to the McDonalds)

465 Charles H. Dimmock Pkwy in Colonial Heights, VA

Hours: M-F 9 am – 9 pm; Sat. 9 am – 8 pm on Saturday; Sun. 9 am – 7 pm.

Grand Opening on April 23rd!

On Thursday, April 23, 2015-Colonial Heights and Richmond Aldi Stores will hold their grand opening events which includes:

  • Ribbon-cutting ceremony at 9am.
  • Official Grand Opening followed by Golden Ticket Distribution, On-Site Produce for a Year Sweepstakes and Product Sampling (9am-2pm)
  • Receive a FREE Aldi Eco-Bag

The 1st 100 shoppers after the ribbon cutting will receive a golden ticket, each containing a prize, including ALDI gift certificates!

I got the opportunity to check out the new store today! Although I have been shopping at the Aldi store in Stafford, I was very impressed with the layout and design of our Aldi! It is very nice and welcoming! I was even more impressed with their Gluten Free line! They have added some products within the last few months and I was shocked at how inexpensive they were!

Here are some tips that you need to know when shopping at Aldi:

  • Bring a Quarter: You’ll need a quarter in order to use a shopping cart. Don’t worry, you get the 25-cents back when you return your cart! This prevents loose carts in the parking lot, stolen carts etc. Helping bring down the prices of your groceries!
  • Private Label Brands: More than 90% of the products sold in-store are ALDI-exclusive brands. These items are produced to meet their stringent quality standards, and are sold only in ALDI stores.
  • Aldi does not accept manufacturer coupons: ALDI does not accept manufacturer coupons. They do allow ALDI store coupons, but these are not released often.
  • Payment: They ONLY accept cash, debit and EBT cards!
  • Fast Checkout: ALDI packages have multiple UPC bar codes, to read dependably from every direction. The checker can drag an item across the scanner without taking the time to turn it over!
  • Bring your own BAGS. You will need to purchase plastic or paper bags if you need them. Be sure to reuse your current stash of paper/plastic/reusable grocery bags and bring with you to ALDI.
  • Bag your own groceries: You will need to bag your own groceries but if you are OCD like me and have a specific way of how you want your groceries bagged, then this is great for you!
  • Great selection of Organic and Gluten-Free Products: They offer a great selection of Organic, all-natural and gluten-free products!
The Aldi ad runs Wednesday-Tuesday. Each week, Aldi ad highlights 6 produce deals at rock bottom prices, Fresh meat special buy day and their red hot special. These deals change every week. You can access their ad online.

I could go on all day how much I love Aldi. Their prices are great, the food is good and they have good customer service. I find that I save money shopping at Aldi even though they do not accept coupons. I encourage you guys to try out Aldi if you haven’t already!


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