End of The Internet

If I know the Internet, when I hit “update” after posting this juicy bit of news, it will all be over. One loud white whine and then nothing . . .

We just found out that the Amazing Acro-Cats — a cat circus troupe of some renown, is coming to the Libby Gottwald Playhouse in Richmond this summer, from June 11 through 14.

Also, hold on: They’re bringing a cat band, The Rock Cats.

I know some will probably see this as inhumane treatment of our feline friends, others will probably find it better than the Beatles. But for now, take a gander and just try not to shake your booty.

Based in Chicago, the Amazing Acro-Cats was founded by Samantha Martin and tours the U.S. nine months of the year with domestic cats (mostly orphans and strays) and a few small animals. Before you get mad: Martin uses the show to promote cat welfare and a portion of the money earned is given to rescue organizations.

But back to The Rock Cats: A Seattle review said “these cats are capable of anarchic musical compositions” and compared them to free jazz. Other reviews have been decidedly more critical.

One more time: The Rock Cats are coming.

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