Steve Zimmer Defends Bennet Kayser Against Charter Industry Attacks

Los Angeles school board member Steve Zimmer supports fellow board member Bennett Kayser, who has been the target of vicious attacks by the charter industry. Kayser has also been endorsed by Board chairman Dr. Richard Vladovic. Here is Bennett’s website: Here is how to volunteer to help: By Steve Zimmer Exactly two years […]

David Sirota: Cuomo Will Collect $700,000 from Book Deal with Murdoch Company

David Sirota puts the pieces together in this investigative report about Governor Andrew Cuomo’s outside income. “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo likes to portray himself as a crusader against corruption in Albany, the state’s capital, taking a hardline position against allowing state lawmakers to collect outside income that may be connected to pending legislation. He […]

North Carolina: Are Vouchers for Religious Schools Constitutional?

Conservatives are typically “strict constructionists” when it comes to the law and the Constitution. But not, apparently, in North Carolina. The state Constitution says unequivocally that public dollars are to be users “exclusively” for public schools. The Legislature could try to change the Constitution but they decided instead that it doesn’t mean what it says. […]